Croatian architectural photographer Mirna Pavlovic, enthralled by abandoned places, embraces her passion by sneaking into decaying villas, palaces and castles all over Europe to immortalise them in photos.

Ongoing since 2015, the project Dulcis Domus captures the spaces formerly inhabited by wealthy European families, now abandoned. Furniture and curtains still inhabit certain homes; others have been overrun by weeds and plants. Yet through the decay, the walls, ceilings and floors proudly show glimpses of their former glory. “As public space becomes privatised and the restriction of movement in urban environments increases, there is an overwhelming encouragement to avert the gaze,” says Pavlovic. “These homes become grotesquely revitalised, but remain within their own reality. In turn, we become vehicles of disparity, embodying and assimilating the otherness and the radical alterity offered by abandonments.” See more of her work here.

All images © Mirna Pavlovic