Using a needle and thread as one would brandish paint and a brush, Japanese embroidery artist Ipnot creates tiny, delicate and incredibly detailed renditions of food, one French knot stitch at a time.

Surrounded by creative and crafty people growing up, she picked up embroidery from her grandmother, and started working on her own projects from there. Her creations don’t cease to amaze: bowls of ramen, sushi rolls, pizzas in boxes, or even cherry tomatoes — undistinguishable from the real ones — are rendered so lifelike that it’s hard to believe they can’t be eaten.

And food isn’t the only thing she stitches. From character portraits to an ongoing project of button-sized canvases, Ipnot continually explores the possibilities of embroidery, steering this classic craft towards the contemporary. See more of her work on her website and on Instagram.

Images © Ipnot / with permission