Photographer Matt Mawson shoots New York City with a gritty documentary style, capturing the cityscape from extreme angles to present a ‘live take’ on the fast-moving metropolis. In grainy black and white, Mawson stalks the city shooting the city streets from a variety of angles, his lens trained from the back seat of taxis, from high-rise blocks, and from the hip in a style that rushes the viewer along on a journey through the city. The series is a visceral exploration of New York, a story that resembles the fast-paced opening credits of a gritty cop show, capturing the essence of a city that will pass you by if you don’t keep moving.

From Coney Island to 18 Avenue, the Subway to Broadway, Mawson’s style pits the figures flowing through the series against the city, swept along by the frenetic pace. In the few scenes in which stationary figures or cars are framed, it is the turn of the famous steam billowing from beneath the street to add another layer of action to the cinematic scenes.

Having begun his career assisting London fashion and still life photographers, Matt Mawson left the studio and began contributing photography to a number of European press agencies, covering many of the world’s conflicts. He currently works out of London and Mexico City. See more of his work here

Images © Matt Mawson

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