As summer draws to a close, these Marley Hutchinson images of dappled sun squeezing between branches, golden hour light falling on rope swings over shimmering creeks and bright, crisp snow-covered mountains deliver a nostalgic reminder of adventures out on the road. Entitled Welcome to Washington State, the series of images reads like a tourist board ad, with rich, oversaturated colors delivering the good vibes caught on journeys through, you guessed it, Washington State.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Joel Meyerowitz, Vivian Meyer, and Joel Sternfeld, Hutchinson’s work follows in a fine tradition of color photography, in particular calling to mind the glossy composition and editorial style of William Eggleston. Viewing the medium as an opportunity to freeze time and capture the beauty of a moment forever, Hutchinson’s work represents a desire to present the world as he sees it in glorious color.

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Marley Hutchinson

Images © Marley Hutchinson

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