Photographer Lucas Bambam drops us into the thick of the action in Yucatan with his series of images that document a recent road trip navigating the Mexican Gulf region. Bambam delivers a rich, beautifully composed set of pictures that capture the area’s magic. Known for its ancient Mayan ruins, tropical rainforests, and the beautiful beaches that flank the Gulf of Mexico, every aspect of the region seems impossibly photogenic, demonstrated by Bambam’s series.

Lingering in rainforests, exploring the ancient temples, and witnessing the area’s abundant wildlife, this Yucatan road trip speaks to a desire to escape the mass-developed landscapes of the world most of us live in. Summed up by the stillness of an empty sports field secreted away by a protective boundary of thick vegetation that towers over the pitch like a watching crowd, the series perfectly translates the sense of magic and mystery we all want to discover on our travels. See more work on Instagram.

Images © Lucas Bambam

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