When it comes to obscure occupations, “scientific glassblower” is somewhere in my list. When you think about it, someone’s got to craft complex glass instruments used by chemists and scientists in laboratories, and this is exactly what Kiva Ford has been trained to do. But when Ford isn’t manipulating glass for the scientific community, he’s creating stunning artworks himself. The Virginia-based artist is known for his glass vessels, tiny goblets and miniatures that he crafts in his personal atelier. His projects Metamorphosis and Metamorphosis II show off Ford’s unique skill set and his fascination for history, mythology and the natural world. Tadpoles morph into frogs and caterpillars bloom into butterflies while encapsulated in complex glass goblets and baubles. Visit his Etsy shop for other beautiful science-meets-art pieces in the form of miniatures, pendants, and ornaments, or follow him on Facebook.

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