A Cyprus-based visual designer of Greek origins, Charis Tsevis has a portfolio that doesn’t fail to impress, with a client list that includes Nike, Google, Toyota, Ikea and well-established advertising agencies worldwide.

Professional work aside, Tsevis explores other avenues of creativity through personal projects. His series Kintsugi 2020 is a self-initiated project dedicated to the upcoming Olympics and its host country, Japan. Inspired by Kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery by mending them together with gold, Tsevis created intricate digital mosaics featuring the Olympic logo and athletes of different sporting events like gymnasts and runners. Zooming in reveals the impressive details of colourful swathes of porcelain-like patterns bound together by gold lines. A beautiful tribute to the culture, heritage and values involved in the much anticipated event. Se the entire series here.

Discover the work of Tsevis on his website and Instagram.

Images © Charis Tsevis / with permission

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