I’m not a huge fan of kitschy souvenirs when traveling, but these stylish architectural totems designed by Russian designer Kostya Kolesov just turned me into a souvenir convert. Jsouv is a collection of famous monuments from different countries, made of anodized aluminum which can be propped up on a walnut base with the city’s name laser-engraved on it (in a classy font, no less). Meant to be sold as tourist souvenirs, the sleek collection is definitely a far cry from the tacky snow globes and fridge magnets often peddled outside famous landmarks in the world.

At the moment there are 15 monuments available: Paris, Rome, New York, London, Istanbul, Athens, Giza, Singapore, Beijing, Moscow, Dubai, Vienna, Berlin, Tokyo and Agra. Here’s hoping for your sake (and for your souvenir recipients waiting back home) that Jsouv includes a version of the city you’re traveling to next! Jsouv is available for preorder here.

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