Joanna Keler shows off her skills in art direction, photography, and make-up artistry in her unique photo series A Portrait of the Artist.

Letting herself be inspired by individual artists’ works, Keler paints her personal interpretation of their art onto their bodies before taking their portraits.

Transforming them into human canvases, Keler opens a doorway of interactivity between the artist and their audience. They become screens onto which critique and analysis on their art are projected, rendering them more vulnerable to their audience.

Keler, a photographer and 3D artist from Saint Petersburg, is drawn to space, whales, and anything unusual… which makes her portfolio a delight to scroll through. See more of her work on Behance and Tumblr, or follow her on Instagram.

content_plain-magazine-joanna-keler-01 content_plain-magazine-joanna-keler-02Ksenia Kadrova

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Nina Mikhaylovacontent_plain-magazine-joanna-keler-05content_plain-magazine-joanna-keler-06
Olya Drozdovacontent_plain-magazine-joanna-keler-07content_plain-magazine-joanna-keler-08

Znanna Aleksandrova

Tanya Ovcharova


Yulya Gushtyuk


Vadim Kuznetsov