Close your eyes and think of the most unusual, dreamlike swimming pool you could ever imagine. Done? Now open your eyes, click your way to the Instagram account of Jared Pike, and chances are you’ll find that dream pool there. 

Pike, a product designer based in New York City, has been creating a series of 3D-rendered pools that have caught the internet’s attention. Set up in liminal spaces — transitional locations, such hallways or parking lots, that bridge one destination to the next — his pools evoke a feeling of nostalgia and eeriness, capturing a sentiment that hovers between a dream state and consciousness. 

Going beyond just pool basins, Pike also floods hallways and building levels with water, and the fantastical layouts and proportions of these architectural locations help heighten the tension and mystery in each artwork.

Pike uses Blender for 3D modelling, Luxcore for rendering and Lightroom for post-processing to bring the surreal pools to life. Follow him on Instagram to stay updated on the ongoing project. You can also purchase prints from his shop, and discover more of his work on his website.

Jared Pike Dream Pools
Jared Pike Dream Pools

Images © Jared Pike / with permission

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