Boat hotels are nothing new, and there might be case for suggesting that Japan’s new Guntu hotel is nothing more than an artisanal cruise ship, were it not for the fact that it looks so special. Destined to sail the inland seas of Japan’s vast waterways, the boat, which is something akin to a classic river steamer, is a high-end operation that looks to combine the beauty of the natural landscape in areas like the Setouchi inland sea, along with the luxury of a premium hotel.

Picture yourself enjoying the benefits of the floating hotel’s gym, beauty salon, lounge, café, bar, dining room and sushi bar, which compliment the vessel’s 19 bedrooms, providing guests with everything they need to tour the waterways in high-end comfort. Initially launching from Onomichi, Hiroshima, prices start at approximately $2,700 USD a night for the pleasure of staying on board.

 Guntu Floating Hotel Japan Architecture

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