The Japanese have a propensity to give names to the practice of specific arts and crafts, like repairing broken pottery (kintsugi) or forming mud into perfect spheres (hikaru dorodango) . So it comes as no surprise that artists specialising in painting fish have earned their own term: uofu gaka.

Japanese painter Yusei Nagashima is a shining example of uofu gaka, having been obsessed and enthralled with fish all his life. His illustrations focus lovingly on tiny details, each stroke as soothing and peaceful as watching fish glide about in water. For the past three years Nagashima has kept a fish blog, uploading a new watercolour every Friday accompanied by a short essay on his thoughts and memories of the said fish.

Nagashima’s blog is written entirely in Japanese – nothing that Google Translate can’t fix – but you can visit his Tumblr for visual stimulation, and purchase prints on his online store.

H/T: Spoon Tamago