Japanese retiree Tatsuo Horiuchi always wanted to paint, but balked at the idea of spending money on supplies or expensive drawing programs. So he turned to an unlikely solution: Microsoft Excel. To date, the now 77-year old illustrator has been painting on Excel for over 15 years. And looking at his artworks, it’s pretty hard to believe that a program used for analysing data or budget balancing can create such beauty.

To form shapes, Horiuchi uses its simple vector features, normally meant for creating graphs. Shades and gradients are made with the  bucket tool. And his subjects aren’t limited at all by the program: from erupting volcanos, idyllic Japanese landscapes and melancholic sunsets, it seems like there’s nothing he can’t paint, proving that no program is too outdated or square when it comes to making art.

See the rest of his work here. You can contact him if you’re interested in buying prints.

H/T and Images via ThisIsColossal