The first thing you’ll notice about House P is its form: the massive 250 square meter timber-clad home is divided into two volumes with their specific uses, the first part serving as a living space and the narrower one a storage shed, with an outdoor space in between.

Designed by architecture firm Studio Yonder as a holiday home for a Hamburg-based family of seven, the home has a shallow gabled roof and a full lower level typical of traditional Allgau architecture. Contrary to its rather brutal, boxy geometry from the outside, the indoors are airy and spacious.

The open space kitchen, dining and lounging area also provide a huge living space for the entire family, with an cozy corner allotted for the fireplace. A relaxing view of the surrounding mountains can be relished from a huge picture window. Stairs lead to a loft with skylights, perfect for stargazing or lounging about. The rooms are located in the lower levels of the home, along with a bath and sauna.
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