My my, what a year it’s been. Habits have changed, plans unceremoniously upended, and the world looks so different now than it did before COVID happened. But while the pandemic stubbornly lingers on, it’s important help ourselves to some Christmas cheer.

Being homebound for most part of the year, our perspectives on gifting have unsurprisingly shifted. There’s a heartier appreciation for home-centric objects, from crafty projects to practical cookware to decorative accents that turn a house into a home. Below is a random list of such items for different budgets and interests. And don’t worry if you’re a bit late with your Christmas shopping… it’s not like people have their planners full anyway. On that note, happy holidays wherever you are, and we hope you are safe.


Tool Wrap by RT1, $58

We reckon that those with backyards have done a fair bit of gardening during the pandemic. This belted Tool Wrap makes a great present for the green thumbs in your life. It’s the ultimate fanny pack for gardeners.


iPhone Stitch Case by PelaCase, $55

PelaCase’s Stitch Case will display the cross-stitching talents you’ve painstakingly honed during lockdown. Aside from being a meditative and creative activity, you’ll be able to carry your artwork around with you wherever you go.


Always Pan by Our Place, $145

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you may have heard awed whispers about the Always Pan, the cookware that’s become a cult favourite for its versatility in the kitchen: you can use it to braise, sear, steam, strain, sauté fry, boil… the list goes on. It’s so good, it puts all your other cookware to shame. 


Bacchus Book Ends by Virginia Sin, $130

They’re works of art disguised as bookends! We love the heavy, elegant presence of these bookends by ceramicist Virginia Sin, who handcrafts each one to order from her Brooklyn, NY studio. 


Emma Chimney Set by Eldvarm, $641 (€525) 

We wouldn’t mind being on this winter’s chimney duty if we had Eldvarm’s Emma tools to work with. A far cry from the bulky, black iron chimney sets we’re so used to, this collection consisting of a blow poker, brush, shovel and tongs comes in light green-hues, and are accented with leather, beech and solid brass details.


Make Your Own Loch Ness Monster Kit by Donna Wilson, $27

Donna Wilson’s Make your Own Monster Kit has not only saved kids around the world from extreme boredom, but also parents at their wits’ end during the dragging days of lockdown. The kits come with pre-stitched creature shapes, felt bits and bobs, and step-by-step instructions which your kids may or may not follow (being a creative kit, the latter is encouraged).


Livre Secret by Marin Montagut, $140 (€115)

A present that will delight both children and adults, French artist Marin Montagut’s Livres Secrets is inspired by the hollow books used in France since the 18th century to store keepsakes, jewellery, love letters and other and intimate bits and bobs in a whimsical fashion. Each box is made of paper mâché, and is entirely handprinted and numbered from Montagut’s Paris workshop. Swoon!


Croissant Destress Ball by Ban.do, $6

Lockdown brought out the bread bakers in a lot of us, so we’re rejoicing in this miracle croissant that does away with both stress and carbs : the Croissant de-stress ball by Ban.do. Commence squeezing your worries away….


Cozy Bootie by Parachute, $59

Parachute’s Cozy Bootie needs no further explanation: they’re cozy, they’re booties, and they’re utterly comfy. These plush, sherpa pull-on boots are definitely contenders for the official pandemic footwear.


How to Photograph Food by Beata Lubas, $25

The lack of travel has driven people to turn their cameras towards other subjects, notably their kitchen creations. Food photographer Beata Lubas helps budding foodies and social media personalities navigate their way through food photography in her latest book, an informative resource on gear, props, lighting and much more.


Vintage-inspired Food Ornaments by Cody Foster, $12.80 – $46.40

Bacon, butter, avocados, ramen, take-out Chinese food, bagels, beer or steamed dumplings hanging on your Christmas tree? Let’s give these food-inspired ornaments by Cody Foster a round of applause. They’re the perfect trinkets to pass down to your foodie children.


Orange Flower Candle by Tatine, $47

Made from all natural aromas from essentials and sustainably-sourced plant-based extracts, the Orange Flower Candle by Tatine has approximately 22 hours of burn time – meaning 22 hours of sweet, warm and delicate orange scents in your home. Comes in a classy gold pot as well.

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