The Enso Villa by Grid Architects was inspired by ideas of Zen spirituality, the architects informed by a brief to deliver a home that presents a meaningful relationship with nature. The grand structure took over an empty plot in a suburb of Ahmedabad, India, the region’s hot and arid climate informing design choices that allowed the villa to utilize the natural elements, with open walls, slatted covers, and vast windows installed to interact and adapt to the light, shadow, and airflow at different times throughout the year.

The large garden was central to the home’s layout, with living spaces woven around the green spaces allowing the interior areas to blend seamlessly with the outdoors. High canopies create shaded areas across the property, creating a strong aesthetic identity while creating pleasant, practical shaded spots.  

The interiors emphasize the minimalism of the villa, their use of exposed concrete and steel echoing the materials visible across the façade. Materials and soft furnishings throughout the home were chosen considering their environmental properties and tactile qualities, with oak, Kota stone, and eco-friendly Vedic paints paired with breathable jute and cotton linen fabrics throughout. Artworks by local artists were also added to add cultural identity and a sense of place to the tone of the villa.

Every element is aligned in the eco-conscious home, creating a tranquil living environment that celebrates nature.

Photography © Vinay Panjwani

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