Located in the heart of Madrid, this playful, minimal apartment by Gon Architects celebrates the experience of urban living, enhancing a compact floor plan with smart design solutions. On the top floor of a historic building that comes with its own tailored building codes, the 42 square meter attic apartment was recently renovated and refurbished, the relatively limited space informing the architect’s designs which made each element of the home multiple-use. Functional and fun, the apartment was divided into four interconnected areas, integrating a bedroom/dressing room, entrance foyer, workspace/bathroom, and kitchen/living/dining room. The multiple functions of each room are best celebrated and highlighted by the shower cabin, which transforms to become a central illuminated lantern after dark, lending the apartment an atmospheric ambiance from an unusual light source.

Mirrored doors conceal entrances, glass bricks divide the space while allowing light to flow, and a sloping roof was opened for a new skylight that enabled a connection to the outside, showing off grand views over the rooftops. Imagination and creativity were encouraged by the client when it came to the interior design, with pops of color on the walls, in the furniture, and the contemporary cabinetry elevating the otherwise white-washed space.  

A harmonious blend of functionality, innovation, and aesthetics, the apartment is a testament to small-space urban living.

Photography © Imagen Subliminal

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