In her series Toast Hawaii, Vienna-based photographer Julie Brass puts a spin on the usual picture-perfect food photography, opting instead for something fun and bubbly — and close to the heart.

Brass’ series is inspired by the dishes from her childhood, and she approaches each image as we’d visualise them on our grandmother’s tables, or on some Italian restaurant in a tourist trap area. Awash in retro colours and sitting atop gaudy-patterned tablecloths, Brass focuses on the food itself, which is arranged simply and without pretension.

“When I started the project, the idea was just about fake or funny food – things that I always found entertaining or weird,” says Brass about the project. “But the longer it took, I realised that most of the things I portrayed are already or extinct or will soon be, but also the absurdity of these food trends. It’s interesting how things that were totally normal to you as a kid become surreal because society changes.”

See more of Brass’ work on her site.

Images © Julie Brass