Exploring the city before its transformation into a glamorous resort destination and thriving world business center, photographer Greg Girard captured 1970s and 1980s Vancouver on the cusp of massive change. Wandering the streets of his home town, Girard was drawn to the waterfront world of the city’s portside where pawn shops, neighbourhood bars and cheap hotels lit the streets in gaudy neon.

Shot in the early years of a career that has taken him around the world, this unwitting tribute to Vancouver captures for posterity, a past all but gone. A document of the city’s underside and its end of the line grittiness, the images reveal a side of the city that many locals would never have known.

These images area available as a photo book entitled Under Vancouver 1972-1982. Also see our past feature on Girard’s Hong Kong photography.

Greg Girard Vancouver Photography

Photography © Greg Girard

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