A Curious Mind is a series of experimental food sculptures made up of organic and inorganic ingredients. Photographer Magali Polverino captures the sharp colors and contrasting textures of these amazing creations made in collaboration with food stylist and fellow Argentinan Anna Keville Joyce.

The towering food totems are definitely a curious mix : cloves of garlic and mushrooms share the spotlight with egg cartons and a sprinkling of chili powder, a pomegranate balances precariously on a burlap sack and aluminium foil contraption, and a tower of vegetables, cheese and fish stand on a link of sausages. While there’s no rhyme or reason to their construction, Polverino and Joyce successfully conjure a striking cohesiveness to each sculpture. More of Polverino’s work here and on Instagram.

Experimental Food Sculptures

Images © Magali Polverino / with permission

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