With the wild beauty of the Pacific Ocean right on the doorstep, this Chilean beach house by ERRE Arquitectos puts everything into framing the stunning views with its u-shaped plan that aims everything at the water. The low-profile home sits at the top of a cliff that steeply rolls down to the ocean, this rarefied position also limiting the scope for what could be built here. The aim of chief architect Raimundo Gutierrez, therefore, was to achieve three things; first, to protect the home from the violent south-westerly winds that whipped against the coast; second, to achieve a degree of privacy from the rear of the home; and third, to take maximum advantage of those views. The answer to this holy triumvirate was a u-shaped floorplan that points away from the ocean, thereby achieving a long, glazed pavilion-like volume that runs adjacent to the water. This large space contains a kitchen, dining and living area, while the forks off each side take care of the bathrooms and accommodations.

With the main volume glazed on both sides – with retractable doors – sunlight passes through the space throughout the year, no matter the season, the light only enhancing the beauty of the location.

Photography © Nico Saieh

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