These days it feels like a correspondence isn’t complete without at least one emoji in it. For better of for worse, they’re here to stay, prompting photographer Vignesh Seshadri to take a closer look at how real life measures up to these pixelized icons.

Titled Emoji Deconstructions, the project exposes the inadequacy of these unicode symbols by contrasting it with observations of everyday life. From cast shadows to randomly-arranged objects, he finds a parallel between reality and technology: he mimics the Canadian flag with colour-coordinated kayaks, or matches a perfectly-framed bridge with its emoji equivalent. In the end, we can agree on one thing: that the real world manifests emojis better than its digital counterpart.

Seshadri, who is currently based in Brooklyn, seeks out insightful shapes and amusing compositions in his photography. See more of Seshadri’s work, and follow him on Instagram.

Vignesh Seshadri Vignesh Seshadri

Photography © Vignesh Seshadri / with permission

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