Designer Didi Ng’s beautifully sculpted furniture collection is an homage to the tactile nature of wood. His chunky timber stools, benches, light shades, and vases are hand-carved pieces that aim to play with the material’s natural texture while manipulating its shape. 

Given the nature of the material and the artisanal process behind the shaping, no two pieces are the same. Using dyes and pigments to color his pieces, the designer intends to play with the grain of the wood – never attempting to disguise the material but striving to create something beyond the ordinary. Within the collection, a narrow hunk of timber has been mounted on metal legs sprayed in hot pink Indian ink to create a standout bench, a black and blue stool is colored to illuminate the waviness of its grain, and a light shade is constructed from layered wood shavings resulting in a delicate, one-of-a-kind piece that boasts function and elegant flair. This collection showed recently at Helsinki Design Week.

Didi Ng Wing Yin is based in Helsinki – by way of Hong Kong – where he is currently studying for an MA in Interior Architecture at Aalto University. His practice is directed towards his work with wood, in highlighting its natural materiality through experiments and traditional hand-carving techniques. See more of his work here

Images © dd-ng.com

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