The Corridor Bicycle speaks directly to the hearts of apartment-dwelling bike owners. The idea was, after all, borne out of first-hand experience: When Dutch design student David Roman Lieshout camped out at a friend’s place in London for several months, he had to store his bike in the hallway, inspiring him to design a more compact bike solution for small spaces. As a result, the Corridor Bicycle is a city bike through and through. Its curved frame is ideal for resting it on your shoulder as you huff your way up the stairs to your apartment, and works well for hanging it on bike hooks too. Personally, I think its most interesting selling points are its handlebars and pedals, which can be turned at 90 degrees to make the bike as flat as possible when in storage, allowing it to be propped neatly against walls.

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At this moment the bike is still a prototype, but Lieshout is on the lookout for willing comrades to bring the Corridor Bicycle to the city streets. Check out his website to keep tabs on the project.