A drink tastes surprisingly better when poured into the proper glass. Here’s a roundup of some of the coolest drinking vessels out there to get your ready for an espresso break or happy hour…

The Suuun sake mugs by Japanese ceramics brand Miyami come in a set of six, decorated with cheerful, subtle circular prints.


Next time you grab yourself a craft beer, make sure you pour them into a Monti Taste beer glass by LA-based Sempli. Adopting an angular shape instead of the usual rounded one, they come in four editions (birra, IPA, pint and pils) and were thoughtfully designed to “celebrate the diversity and individuality of craft beer”. Santé!


When life gives you lemons, make lemonade… and use this gorgeous drinking vessel made especially for it. Designer Max Lamb created a small batch of these handmade lemonade glasses for Makers & Brothers, and was inspired by the shape of two lemons stacked on top of each other.


With Superduperstudio‘s Saturn Wine Glasses, spillage will be the last thing on your mind. Without wine stems, the glasses stand upright on their bases. If accidentally knocked down, the wider edge breaks the fall, preventing any liquid in the glass from spilling out.


Definitely loving the Lilobul, a champagne glass by Vincent Olm Design that comes with its own canapé holder. The holder can be used two ways: flat on a table with the glass propped up on the hollow cylinder, or downwards to hold your champagne and munchies.


A sophisticated earthware espresso cup made of stoneware-clay, the Espresso-Becher is a beautiful addition to your breakfast tableware.


You’ll probably drink your weight in water if you owned this minimalist glass water bottle by BKR. Encased in soft silicone sleeves in monochrome or pastel tones, they come in 250ml, 500ml an 1 litre sizes.


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