The next time you covertly stick a piece of chewed gum to a table’s underside (shame on you, by the way), I hope you realize that you could be throwing away a potential work of art. Michael Massaia, whose late-night photography series of New York’s Central Park we featured in the past, is back with his latest project, Transmogrify 2, where he swaps film rolls for chewed up bubblegum. Massaia sculpts, expands, and tweaks gum into pretty abstract shapes and attempts to see the image it brings, sort of like assigning shapes to clouds, or reading tea leaves. In his chewed-up oeuvres, embryos, tattered corsets, pigs stomachs, and flamenco dancers magically appear. The gum sculptures are then mounted onto black plexiglass and photographed with a Creo scanner or a large format camera. Fascinating stuff. Check out more of Michael Massaia’s work here.

content_plain-magazine-michael-massaia-tattered-corsetTattered Corset

content_plain-magazine-michael-massaia-spacehelmetSpace Helmet

content_plain-magazine-michael-massaia-sea-creatureSea Creature

content_plain-magazine-michael-massaia-ghost-nightmareGhost Nightmare

content_plain-magazine-michael-massaia-broken-heartBroken Heart

Michael MassaiaEmbryos

content_plain-magazine-michael-massaia-flamenco-dancerFlamenco Dancer

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