Award-winning Aussie aerial photographer Brad Walls is back with Vacant, a photographic series that taps into his fascination with surrealism, Retrofuturism and geometric art. Set inside a squash court, Walls flew his drone over the tiny 20-square meter box to capture the intriguing linework of the space. Similar to his other projects, themes of duplicity, symmetry and negative space are ever-present in this one, along with a slew of characters kitted out in white futuro costumes that mirror the clinical, retro nature of the squash court itself. 

His characters are shot in mid-movement static poses, simultaneously appearing robotic and graceful. “The movement direction is intended to be artificially detached from the environment,” he muses. “They tell a story, but I don’t want to give the whole story away — I like the idea of seduction within my work.”

And seduced we are indeed! While each image appears deceptively simple, a lot of technique was involved in carrying out Walls’ vision in such a constricted space. “Geometry provides a hint at consistency in an ever-inconsistent world,” he says. “Innately, humans are drawn to it. Me, maybe more so.”

Walls’ first publication, Pools from Above, will be published in October 2022. Preorder it from all major bookstores worldwide, and follow him on Instagram.

Images © Brad Walls / with permission

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