Derelict and dilapidated, yet strangely aesthetically pleasing, the abandoned homes of Taiwan provide the alluring focus of photographer Bo Wen Huang’s new series. Though based in Taipei, a city known for its food, culture, and thriving tech industry, Huang tends to look back toward the darker, underground scenes that surround his home city, searching for inspiration in the abandoned factories, homes, and towns that reflect his themes of isolation and nature back control. 

In the latest addition to his long running series, Ruins, Huang takes us on a tour of the abandoned homes of Taiwan, where his images depict homes seemingly left in a hurry, still bearing the books, instruments, and furniture of their previous incumbents. Eerie and mysterious with a haunting quality, the pictures pose questions of ‘who’, ‘what’, and ‘why’. See more of his work on his Behance

Bo Wen Huang Ruins Abandoned Houses Thailand

Images © Bo Wen Huang

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