Located in Amangansett, Beach Hampton stands on a quarter-acre plot near the Atlantic Ocean. Purchased by a couple over 40 years ago, its construction had been challenged by extensive negotiations over the area’s evolving building codes. 

Architecture practice Bates + Masi Architects navigated these constraints to deliver a remarkably spacious residence within the restricted parameters. Across two stories, light and space were maximised by creating a central light well and geometric shifts. Thin floor and roof plates helped keep the building within its height restrictions. 

The exterior envelope consists of glass and light-toned wood, with gently slanted walls that make it pop out against the landscape. Inside, simple materials adhere to the home’s minimalist vision and aesthetic. The raised site, crucial for stormwater and sanitary control, is beautifully landscaped with native grasses, allowing the house to blend effortlessly into its surroundings.

Despite its compact size, this house delivers luxury and functionality comparable to larger homes by creatively optimizing space and integrating sustainable practices.

Photography © Bates + Masi Architects

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