Plexus, a bimonthly French magazine that ran from 1966-1970, had only 36 issues during its run, but each and every one of its funky covers are worthy of being framed. From the art to the articles, it was the perfect embodiment of its era, earning the subtitle “The uninhibited magazine”… and was eventually prohibited to minors in 1967 for its pornographic content.

Apart from its amazing covers, Plexus ran a baffling hotpot of sections and topics. Articles ranged from historical to philosophical to science fiction (the latter shouldn’t be so surprising – Jacques Sternberg was Plexus’ literary editor); sections were dedicated to erotic art and literature (Leonor Fini pin-ups graced its pages) and, curiously enough, a Popeye comic strip.

You can probably find copies on eBay, but in the meantime take a look at the rest of the covers here.

content_plain-magazine-plexus01 content_plain-magazine-plexus02 content_plain-magazine-plexus03 content_plain-magazine-plexus07 content_plain-magazine-plexus06 content_plain-magazine-plexus12 content_plain-magazine-plexus04 content_plain-magazine-plexus08 content_plain-magazine-plexus10 Plexus magazine

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