Elyse Dodge is a Vancouver- based artist whose attempts to recreate the natural landscape she grew up around shaped her art’s aesthetic: her beloved British Columbia mountain ranges are represented by crisp geometric forms, contrasting with the organic textures she uses to paint the surrounding trees.

Using bright and bold colours, she uses triangles to create recognisable mountain shapes. Apart from painting on canvas, her artistic process also includes technology and social media when creating her digital paintings: Dodge uses Instagram to research different landscapes, and collaborates with photographers to recreate their imagery into something more structural.

“My hope is that these contemporary landscape paintings will inspire the viewer to look at the mountains around them with a newfound appreciation and curiosity,” says the artist. “To see all the shapes and colours that make up their world, rather than just seeing a view for what it is.”

Enjoy the acrylic and digital artworks below. More of Elyse Dodge’s website. Follow her on Instagram. Elyse DodgeAll images © Elyse Dodge / with permission

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