The highlight of this residence in Kagoshima, Japan is timber. The humble material shines in the latest project by Japanese practice Archipatch, who designed the Tsumugu House for the building company Shichiro Construction using locally-sourced timber from Kyushu island. 

The single-storey residence, whose private and social spaces are spread out across three volumes of varying heights, was built to showcase the comfortable and versatile qualities of timber while housing a family of four. Arranged at descending heights, the structure reveals clerestory windows, skylights, and flat rooftops that extend into eaves that divert sunlight away from the interiors. 

Inside, the soothing color cues of cedar, cypress and natural stone join the ever-present timber to produce a soothing atmosphere.

The entrance to the home is through the central volume that branches off to the largest building — the appointed social area — to the right, and the bedrooms installed in the smallest building to its left. Under the double-height ceilings are Japanese- and Western-inspired features including a tatami mat-covered Japanese-style multipurpose room, traditional shoji screen dividers, a modern kitchen, contemporary lighting, minimalist wood furniture and a sunken living area. Large windows allow the family to gaze out at the tranquil surroundings of the property, which includes an outdoor terrace, a small but lush garden space, and a pond. 

Archipatch is a Tokyo-based architecture and design studio headed by Keiko Yoshida and Junya Saito. The practice supports architecture, communication design, interior and urban design projects. Visit them on Instagram

Photography © Yousuke Harigane

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