Millionaires need not apply, for the new Bruce Makowsky home is out of your price range – this Bel Air mansion is strictly for the billionaires out there. Designing a house for a market as niche as that of the billionaire might be a gamble but when your aim is to “build the most spectacular house in the United States”, money isn’t something your potential owner is ever going to be worrying about running out of.

Built by real estate developer Bruce Makowsky, the home – on the market for $250 million – took over 300 people four years to build and boasts 12 bedrooms, 21 bathrooms, three kitchens, six bars, spa, fitness center, two champagne cellars, a home theater and an 85-foot infinity pool. And a helipad, naturally. Is this gaudy, luxury pad a vulgar display of wealth or is there style to be found in the architecture and design of America’s most expensive house?

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