Situated amidst sand dunes and pine trees, the Casa L4 built by Luciano Kruk Architects in Barrio Maritimo II, four hours away from Argentina’s Buenos Aires, can’t be missed. The exposed concrete home’s fortress-like architecture stands out against its natural surroundings.

To enter the home, one has to climb up a narrow staircase, which at the end opens up to an impressive light-filled open living space, peppered with discrete but tasteful furniture pieces. The four bedroom-and-baths are assigned to the four corners of the first floor. What will catch your attention, though, is another staircase which cuts through the space, leading to the house’s most impressive feature: a rooftop where not one but two swimming pools await. Being only 200 meters away from the sea, the view at the top of this stunning home could only be – as I can imagine – magnificent.

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