Alone Together by Aristotle Roufanis is a photographic project that poignantly examines the loneliness of big cities through architecture and light.

Roufanis captures the sprawling cities of London, Paris, Miami and Athens during the dusk or the blue hour. Using high-resolution photographic techniques and digital editing, randomly-lit homes emerge like first stars in the sky while the rest of the city remain blacked out, a metaphor for the isolation and social alienation so common in city living. The photographs, blown up to about 5 meters in width for exhibitions, have resolutions so high that we actually catch glimpses of figures behind lit windows.

“The bigger the city, the lonelier we feel,” says the photographer. “In a big city, we are very efficient in covering all our consumerist needs, but we forget our need for companionship. It is important for people to understand that although lonely, they are not alone. Individuality does not equal to alienation.”

Born in Athens, the London-based Roufanis explores patterns, textures, human interactions and urban architecture in his photographic projects.

Aristotle Roufanis

All images © Aristotle Roufanis via Behance