Unlike other clocks that require a simple glance and a split-second to tell the time, the Albert Clock wants your focused and undivided attention. It also wants to sharpen your math skills, whether you like it or not. This digital wall clock, created by designer Axel Schindlbeck for MNTNT, keeps the brain waves active by presenting you with mathematical equations that you’d have to solve to know what time it is. Goodbye, spoon-feeding!

Masochistic at it sounds, this clock is a clever, educational object to have around the house, turning math from a chore to a game. And don’t panic if math isn’t your strongest suit: You can choose between six levels of difficulty to adapt to your individual skills. Paired with a minimalist look and discreet matte finish, the Albert Clock satisfies the curious, design-driven mind. Head over to www.albertclock.com to order yours today.

Images via MNTNT / with permission

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