This coming April 17, 2020, Bordeaux will be opening the doors to the Bassins de Lumières: a former World War 2 bunker that’s been converted into the world’s largest digital art center. Its wow factor surpasses others of its kind, thanks to the pools of water that illuminate projected multimedia displays in the most dramatic fashion.

Culturespaces, who have opened two other multimedia spaces in Paris (Atelier des Lumières) and Les Baux-de-Provence (Carrières de Lumières), promises “visual experiences and unforgettable sounds in a space out of the ordinary, a sharing culture that is open to all audiences.” The massive submarine base, which was built and used by the Germans to house U-boats, is divided into six parts consisting of sound-proof areas, digital projection rooms for original versions and water displays, a space dedicated to the bunker’s architecture and history, an educational area, and a stage and seating area from a mezzanine for a bird’s eye view of exhibits. Its 2020 program kicks off with the works of Gustav Klimt and Paul Klee projections and illuminations. Head here for more information.

Bassin de Lumieres Bordeaux digital art center
Bassin de Lumieres Bordeaux digital art center

Images © akg-images / Erich Lessing for Bassin de Lumières

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