Turn a corner and you’re bound to bump into a beauty parlor or make-up salon; sadly, the same can’t be said about barbershops. But men (and their hair) have needs too. So don’t write off barbershops as a dying breed just yet: here are some amazing, conceptual spots around the world where men can languidly enjoy a haircut, straight-razor shave or beard tune-up …


content_plain-magazine-barbershops-akin-dubai01content_plain-magazine-barbershops-akin-dubai02Akin Barber & Shop, Dubai UAE

They won’t just trim your beard or shave your head: this barbershop located in Dubai’s Burj Al Salam tower is a place where you can let the hipster in you breathe. From its minimalist, industrial-era wood-and-tile interiors by studio Anarchitect to their range of products and services (beard balm and trendy coffee, anyone?), Akin lives up to its ‘curated concept store’ image, catering to a growing urban community. Follow them on Instagram.


content_plain-magazine-barbershops-cutthroat-amsterdam-01 content_plain-magazine-barbershops-cutthroat-amsterdam-02Cut Throat Barber & Coffee, Amsterdam

Never thought we’d see a barber and a barista working in the same shop, but then Cut Throat Barber & Coffee comes along. With wonderful yellow brick ceiling domes, the TANK Studio-designed space finds itself just off Amsteram’s Dam Square. The folks at Cut Throat state that they were never about a look or a trend; “it was about creating a place where we would want to hang out ourselves.”  We couldn’t agree more…who wouldn’t want to hang out in a place where you can enjoy a craft beer with your New Zealand brunch and leave with a much-needed haircut? Follow them on Instagram.


content_plain-magazine-barbershops-barbaeria-mexico-04content_plain-magazine-barbershops-barbaeria-mexico-01Barberia Royal, Mexico City

It’s hard not to be smitten by the vintage charm of Barberia Royal‘s luxurious interiors. Mismatched moldings, black and white hexagonal tiles bearing a Royal flower pattern, and the faceted reflective anodized aluminum panels on the ceiling give the entire space the feel of an old-world hotel. A fully stocked courtesy bar serves you drinks while you wait your turn at the barber’s chair. Barberia Royal was designed by Row Studio, and its elegant image branding handled by Andy Butler. Follow them on Instagram.


content_plain-magazine-barbershops-blackbeard-moscow-01 content_plain-magazine-barbershops-blackbeard-moscow-03Black Beard, Moscow

In Moscow’s Black Beard barbershop, contrasting elements live together in harmony, from the factory floor tiles and graffitied walls to the classic barber chairs and mirror doors. B&V Studio were going for the ‘brutal man interior’ look when they designed the Black Beard. The space is separated into three designations: the work area, chilling zone and the open-to-interpretation ‘stuff’ area (men need pedicures too). Its loft-like, chill-out vibe is friendly and inviting, a veritable man cave where a friendly glass of vodka is just as important as beard trims. Follow them on Instagram.


content_plain-magazine-barbershops-pelspels-norway-01 content_plain-magazine-barbershops-pelspels-norway-02PelsPels, Norway

At PelsPels, there are no coffee stations or pop-up bars. There is no need for any of those, because at the helm of this classic, straight-up barbershop is Lord Jack Knife, rated as one of the best barbers in the entire world. PelsPels’ ambition is to resurrect the art of barbering, which has become a forgotten craft in Norway. Here, barbers are Jedi, each of them having earned their education from a proper barber academy, all handpicked and trained. We suspect their hot towel shaves, haircuts or a beard trims would be akin to a religious experience; we wouldn’t expect anything less from a man named Lord Jack Knife. Follow them on Instagram.

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