10 Questions with Vivien Brandl of S/ght

Vivien Brandl, owner of the beautiful S/ght Store on busy Kirchengasse, took the time to answer some of our questions:

Question: Describe the idea behind your shop in one sentence.

Answer: Filling the gap: promoting local and international young designlabels in Vienna.

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Q: Describe Vienna in 3 words

A: Getting better rapidly…

Q: What is the single most valuable thing you learned by opening S/GHT?

A: Dreams can come true… :)

Q: As a child, what did you want to be when you grow up?

A: Circus artist/acrobat, but I was not talented enough…

Q: What was the favorite thing you ever sold?

ASeesack SAM by Lena Hasibether. It is made out of cork and just looks great…

Q: Stripes or polkadots?

A: Camouflage

Q: What is your favorite part about being a shop owner?

A: Being my own boss and meeting nice people.

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Q: A place you want to take a trip to?

A: Tokyo – going there in March for fashion week

Q: Which celebrity would you hire as a store clerk if you could?

A: Madonna

Q: What record is playing in your shop right now?

A: Jamie Woon. I am listening to that all day long – every day.

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