We take a look at the stunning and stately appeal of the color black in architecture in our list of 10 amazing structures in monochrome:

Montreal studio Appareil Architecture designed the Grand-Pic Chalet in the midst of a magnificent forest terrain, the black corrugated steel structure is a beautiful combination of tradition and modernity that blends beautifully in nature. Image © Félix Michaud


Mount Shefford Rock House is a gorgeous mountain residence by Atelier General, whose white interiors contrast beautifully with its black timber-clad facade. Image © Adrien Williams


Imposing, yes, and undeniably impressive … Located in Danderyd, Sweden, House K by Tham & Videgard Arkitekter’s dark and boxy facade is made of stained black plywood panels. Don’t be fooled by its severity though… inside, it’s homey and bright with its white ash floors and wooden details. Image via tvark.se


Pedevilla Architects were tasked to refurbish the Bühelwirt hotel in a northern Italy ski area. They created a six-storey extension that hugs the hillside, using blackened timber for its facade. Image © Gustav Willeit


The Black Box House is a family home in Tokyo designed by American studio Takatina, and it’s a minimalist monolithic beauty decked in black industrial panels normally used for factory and warehouses. Image © Mikiko Kikuyama


Canadian architect Jean Verveille revamped this 1960s A-frame cottage into a sleek black fairy-tale like cabin deep in the idyllic woods of Saint-Adolphe-d’Howard. Image © Maxime Brouillet


This 2.7 meters-wide home by Kouichi Kimura of Japanese studio FORM flaunts a dynamic configuration and a dramatic use of the colour black. Image © Yoshihiro Asada


A lovely house extension in France by Paris studio Marche Architectes makes use of dark timber cladding that “plays with light and shadows so that the extension disappears in the shade of the forest around”. Image © Fernando Guerra


This Mexico home by Tatiana Bilbao uses mirrored glasses to blend with nature, held together by black steel columns. Image © Rory Gardiner


Clad with generic black plastic chairs, the facade of furniture company MY DVA’s showroom is a sculptural piece if we ever saw one. This amazing concept was designed by CHYBIK+KRISTOF. Image © Lukas Pelech


We know, the list is too short, but there’s no need to fret: Phaidon has released a compilation of monochrome architecture:

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